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I hope that you catch me, ‘cause I’m already fallin’

this song.

(via wanderedlust)



been talking to myself forever
and, how i wish i knew me better
still sitting on a shelf, but never, NEVER seen the sun shine brighter
and it feels like me- on a good day.

feeling excited about life today.

“joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” - marianne williamson



amazing song. even better remix.

don’t forget to love your life today. :) 



so stay, away from me.
you’re better off to stay as far from loving me.

just stay, a fantasy-

beginning of the end. keep a clear head.

p.s. this weekend will be absolutely amazing. :)



Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Swedish House Mafia Remix)


coldplay + swedish house mafia … does it get any better??


passion over consequence.: unavoidable parts of life that i hate #1


how come making decisions means saying no to the alternatives, forever??

you have possible choices. all of them are good in their own way, and right for different reasons. what college do you want to go to? where do you want to work? who do you want to date.
but no matter how long i debate, how…

always speaking to my heart. really though.



on repeat. and repeat.. and repeat.




can’t really stop listening to this.
i know i always say that, but this entire album is goood.
punk rock, into dubstep, into screamo .. basically everything good in a song. in one song. 

enjoy. :)